Ashley The Pirate v0.4.6.3

You'll take the role of the princess Ashley who got in a strange village after her ship crushed. She also has lost her father and now she'll do anything to find him. To do that she'll have to become pirate and do lots of things that she'll not be proud of.


My Litle Femdom

В Эксестрии наступили тёмные времена, принцесса Луна устроила переворот украденным у Зекоры зельем. Все бывшие подруги Искорки теперь хотят лишь её тела и подчинения приказам, как же поступит Искорка?


Good Boy (Hospital Stories) DEMO

Jimmy was fucking a beautiful girl, but her husband came and brutally beat him up. Jimmy was taken to the hospital where his friend Lilian is working, who is helping him to recover, when Caroline found out about it she went immediately to the hospital to accompany her stepson Jimmy. In this new game there are new characters and very beautiful girls who are in the hospital and have various problems. Lilian will be in charge of helping them with everything they need in order to obtain a reward from them.


High School Master 0.204

New release to update have a nice day PB



Try to kill some time on a busy street. Interact with fully animated character, progress by doing lewd activities and unlock 4 different endings!


Crystal Springs Odyssey 0.1.3

About the Game : Crystal Springs Odyssey is an Adult game, a combination of Visual Novel/Dating sim/Adventure game where you live the unusual journey of a university student. The game is still in development and will be for quite some time, so it will be released in the form of many updates. Here's a list of what to expect from the game : Exciting story Interact with a lot of characters Different locations to explore Many fetishes Features (Current and Upcoming): 2D Animations Open world environment Inventory system Gallery browser Day and night cycle Money management Different Mini-games Change Log V0.1.3 (from 0.1.0): - Game : New : New content start Adjusted : You can control relationship influence for some characters, this will effect how much you refer to them by their relationship to you instead of calling them by name. - Story : Adjusted : Mia throws a hair dryer at you when in the shower and makes a hole in the bathroom door Adjusted : Marie now sews the old bikini so you don't have to buy her a new one. Adjusted : You meet Valerie the first time you massage Marie in the pool. - Map : New Location : Valerie's home - Mia : New : 1 Story Event New : 2 Scenes. - Marie : New : 2 scenes New : You can masturbate to Marie - House : New : Mr Peppin (Mia's cat) is now roaming around the house. New : The binoculars in your room are now usable. - Valerie : New : 3 Story Events New : 2 scenes New : Volley Ball minigame, You can play volley ball with Valerie at her backyard. - Vanessa : New : 3 Story Events New : 4 Scenes New : You can spy on Vanessa at night times using the binoculars. - Settings : New : Low end mode option New : V-sync option New : Import and Export Save files.


Babecock Memory Test

Memorize pairs of images of babes with cocks, and get tested to see if you can remember them all!


Depraved World

Fantasy world with very hot furries is waiting for you. A world where pleasure rules. Defeat enemies for the glory of the goddess and she will give you great power and strength.



Antonio's game, the main character is Antonio, who wears an Anonymous mask, and in this game he plays a game of rock, scissors, paper with a girl Monica for undressing.


Life of Miley

Life of Miley is a choice-based erotic-visual novel, where you take on the role of Miley Jones, a happily married middle-aged woman. She begins to work at an international film company and meet many new people, and adjust to a new way of life. She’ll gradually be confronted with many delicate situations full of temptations, accompanied by the mother of all questions: what’s really right and what’s really wrong? An odyssey of emotions


Silberhorn 0.01

Many years ago a bloody war between good and evil decimated the population of the great Silberhorn mountain range. Now that evil could return, will our young Emi be able to become an Executive Rebel and fight bravely? Well, the plot is classic fantasy stuff, but we all know why you're here. This is a simple game, with nice yaoi-style graphics and lots of penises here and there. I hope you are lenient with the judgment, it is our first game created with rpgmaker and we ask you to write us your opinions, advice, criticisms or other. Of course we ask you to support the game through our patreon, should you want the story to go on.


Tales of Lustful Love

We present to you a collection of short stories, which will be supplemented on a monthly basis. We use our experience and AI technology to create exciting stories for you. We hope that we can fulfill each of your fantasies and will carefully listen to your advice and desires.​ In our game you will experience: - Romantic relationships - Beautiful girls and more - Variety of fetishes - 4K Textures - Original soundtrack - Communicating with the developers - Small game size - Tons of NSFW content


SummerSlap Adultrex5

A little story about Erka fighting Holly in the wrestling ring Will Erica win? Or will Holly win? We'll see who wins.



Hi, I'm pachi! Currently I'm working on Nemurimouto. It's a simulation game, currently there are very few features, but I have big plans for the game! Dynamic day: Mayu will walk across the map during the day, there will be different options of interaction depending on what she's currently doing! Events: There will be special events sprinkled throughout the game. You'll be able to trigger them by reaching certain level of stats or fulfilling other conditions H-scenes: There are at minimum 5 different H-scenes planned for the game, all with variants depending on your actions during the game! Three stats: There will be three different stats that you could influence through your actions ꕥ Love: if you treat Mayu nicely, she might just fall in love with you~ ꕥ Horniness: point of the game is to have sneaky fun with Mayu, but if you play your cards right, she might be the one to initiate H-scenes ꕥ Mental: for all of you mind break lovers... just don't push it too hard, or she'll turn into a yandere Multiple endings: I have three+ different endings planned for the game. Please consider supporting me on my journey!


The Way to Her Heart

This is "The Way to Her Heart", a story-driven game that will depending on your decisions, determine the fate of a guy you slip into. You are a young college student who is in love with a girl. Sounds simple, but it's everything but simple. You will face countless obstacles, temptations, and distractions. Depending on the choices you've made, you'll have the opportunity to experience the story through different paths. Can you resist all the distractions and temptations? Will you find happiness in love and conquer the woman of your dreams? Or will you let chaos enter your life? Will you let yourself be distracted or manipulated by others? Or do you find happiness where you didn't expect it before? Get to know Mila, your manipulative and unpredictable acquaintance whom you can't judge. Will she help you or lead you and your best friend down unknown paths...? Get acquainted with Athena, the possessive antagonist of Mila. Will she help you or even plunge deeper with you into unknown abysses?


Succubus Game (v0.3)

In Devildom there is a lovely queen that has needs and you are tasked with helping her fulfill those needs. You were in a death slumber and have awoken to her lovely voice. She gives you instructions on what to do when you return to the world and how to extract the needed love juice that is wanted by her. This will entail the seduction of women and the giving of pleasure to stimulate the flow of their horny juices. In this new version of the game, there is an exciting new scene that you will find with queen Lylith that involves her sweet pussy. Support the author at:



Strip blackjack poker


Devoted Wife

Your friend's son, Kenji, comes to stay with you and your wife Rina for the first time, it was the first time in your life that you felt strange and anxious but she assures you that it's completely normal. You've always had this strange fetish. Perhaps your wife may be willing to indulge in your fetishes. Choose your path wisely.


Good Boy (Halloween Special) DEMO VERSION

Kerly has organized a Halloween party at her house, which was attended by many sexy girls dressed in erotic costumes, she also invited her male friends and they are all black. At the party the girls will enjoy with the black men, drinking, smoking, getting drugs and having sex. Jimmy is in charge of attending to all the guests, and giving them everything they ask for so that the party is a success.


Tentacle Beach Party

Tentacle Beach Party is a casual strategic adult game that combines an exciting visual novel as you move through the gameplay. The story begins on an unusual planet ruled by a Tentacle God, Ythogtha. After his son was born whom he named as Kaireus, he sent him to Earth and gave him a mission to refill his fuel using lewd liquids. The game will immerse you into a beach resort fantasy that is filled with beautiful girls dressed in cute and stunning bikinis. Your primary objective is to abduct each of them while avoiding detection.


Chosen Few [v0.6.1]

One day, a boy was invited to attend an academy in the Unova region. He had never actually applied for attending this prestigious academy, which leads into the mystery aspect of the game. He finds out that upon going that it is an all girl's school and that the headmistress of said academy is the current Sinnoh champion Cynthia. Later he encounters a god like being known as Arcia who says that Cynthia is not who she says she is, and requests for you to help her get the powers that she has lost back. In return she can help you gain access to the many girls attending said academy.


Fred Johnsons Jerk Off Collection V1.1

This Jerk Off Collection was created for simplistic use. Mobile phones have been good for looking at porn and playing games; but sometimes, sites display too many things all at once. Enjoy the journey of easy clicking, to find the right jerk off material, with literally the click of a button. Have fun with Fred Johnson's Jerk Off Collection LLC TM. ;) This is my first twine real porn game created. I'd like to continue updating and continue making it enjoyable; and assume others would like this as well. You're welcome other filthy sickos on the internet. Last updated 10/25/22


Strip Clicker Saga v02

Click fast to donate tips to Saga, the more you donate the more horny she gets!


My Harem Saga v03

My Harem Saga, an Adult Dating Sim/Visual Novel game where your choices matter!


NSFW Job v.0.4

You are a content moderator in a somewhat of a model agency. You sort out content by categories(It includes NSFW). Sometimes bosses can be annoying, but it's not about Julia! She won't let you get bored and also teach you everything she knows.. Flirt with her to get closer and collect her photos. Consider, sometimes she can be a little slutty


The Symbiant

Welcome to the Ameretat, a spacecraft that delivers good across the galaxy. You play as a gay pilot who meets a cute alien who is down for romance and sexytime. A tentacle creature lurks in the alien's room, and it would like to have sexytime with the both of you. This visual novel is more story and romance-focused and has little gameplay. Just sit back and enjoy the story unfold between a human, an alien and a tentacle monster.


Grandma is getting married (Demo Version)

Jimmy´s sexy grandmother (Deborah) met a younger boy named Mike whom she is going to marry, since he is in love with her and together they have a lot of fun having sex. The night before the wedding Deborah, Caroline and Kerly go out to have fun drinking, smoking, getting drugs and meeting many guys to have sex as they want to celebrate Deborah´s bachelorette party. It is the day of the wedding and the girls have not returned home, something has happened to them, for this reason Jimmy will have to look for them and in this way make the wedding take place.


Monster Girl Farmer

Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based RPG. The kind of game that lets you ride a unicorn girl — and vice-versa. Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges into your home. In exchange for taking her in, she'll help you start the world's first Monster Girl farm! # About the game ## Game Features: ### The writing: * Lewd scenes crafted by artisanal writers, grinding away in the paper mines until their quills and free hands are worn to nubs. With over zero years of combined experience, you can rest easy knowing I'm not happy until they're not happy. * Memorable characters with depth: the agoraphobic mushroom girl, the superstitious dryad, the cherry tree girl who thinks she's a princess... * A multitude of fetishes—many more on the way! * A world brimming with lore. Learn about the Monster Girl Devil and why Hellhound Girls fell from grace. * Color-coded, easy to read dialogue. * No pretentious purple prose. You won't find words like *milieu*, *mackle*, or *mélange* anywhere. ### Wholesome turn-based encounters: * Raise monster girls' affection through acts of kindness, not violence. *(Working—many planned improvements.)* * Gain experience, level up, and learn new acts of kindness. * A *mélange* of item drops. Sell them for money, use them to upgrade your farm, or gift them during encounters. * Status effects that increase crop yield, temporarily decrease your energy, etc. * Minimal grinding. * Maximal grinding (against monster girls). ### The world: * A clear visual mini-map to easily navigate the diverse regions. *(Map is currently textbased.)* * Upgradable environments: convince monster girls to set up shops in town, build a coop with dryad wood, etc. * Track critical information in your journal: the number of undiscovered monster girls, how many scenes are left, and what you ate for breakfast. * Check out the content roadmap (starts at the top, subject to change): ### Customize your experience: * Play as male, female, or enby. Choose your name and pick your naughty parts. * Affect scenes by bringing different monster girls on your adventures. *(Implemented for one character—more planned.)* * Dislike a kink? Skip any lewd scene BEFORE the action starts. And if that doesn't convince you, check out these rave reviews: > "What's up man. Everything okay?" > "Shouldn't you be looking for a job?" > "We're worried about you." And that's just from my friends! ### About me (BIS): * I'm proud to say this is my second NSFW game; I completed my first! * I've been programming for decades, teaching best practices to others; there have been seven bugs over a four month period, and only one of those was major.


Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust

Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust is a casual strategy adult game loosely inspired by the original Tentacle Locker by Hotpinkgames from 2018. We're a huge fan of tentacles stuff in NSFW/adult games, media, and art, as well as Lovecraftian horror as a whole. Moving forward, we plan to make Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust a fleshed-out game from the ground up. This includes a compelling gameplay loop that has long-term replayability, an immersive storyline, and really naughty NSFW tentacle scenes! For the latest version visit official website at


Loki Sylvie: The Sexus Event (Hentai Parody)

Loki & Sylvie: The Sexus Event is an Animated Visual Novel hentai parody, with multiple endings and a pleasuring Mini-Game. The game has its full story in English and Spanish! Story: After the destruction of their only way out of Lamentis-1, live your last moments as Loki and seduce Sylvie gently, painfully, or casually and create a Sexus Event changing the timelines! Features: Live2D animated character Animated Background Animated Mini Game, where you have to pleasure Sylvie 3 Different endings with animated illustrations. 2 Languages: English and Spanish Note: This game was made by one person in 3 months with a lot of effort, love, and a tight budget hiring some artists. Please support us on PATREON, PAYPAL, SUBSCRIBESTAR or by buying the Desktop Version of the game to continue creating content. Thank You!!


Valley Breeze 0.0.2

In this game, you can meet beautiful women, bikers, rednecks, feminists, hipsters, hippies, beggars, incels, rappers and even normal people.


Power Stone 0.1.0

Power Stone is an adult visual novel with interaction where you play a young man coming back to his birth town for his study. The story is set in the modern world. Little by little the young man life will change as he will need to embark into a quest he'd never dreamed of. Will it be for the better? You will have to find out.


Lovecraft Locker: Tentacle Lust

In Lovecraft Locker, you are a naughty tentacle god and your goal is to capture girls through tentacle lockers. You get a lewd thing called "LUST" whenever a girl exits the locker after cumming. Lust is indicated by the pink bar on the right side of the game's screen Once it fills up, you'll level up and gain "ability points" which you can use to buy new lockers. When you start the game, most lockers are empty. You need to buy new lockers to eventually fill them all. The basic tentacle locker starts with small buds, and will eventually mature in 2 days However, it's not all fun and horny, as when another girl watches you abduct an innocent girl in front of them, they'll report you to the school! For more updates, check here:


Good Boy (Pornstar Life) DEMO VERSION

Jimmy's grandmother (Deborah) has created her own company to film porn movies, Jimmy of course, thanks to his huge cock, will be the actor in this production, but Deborah has a problem since she can't get a professional and responsible porn actress for the film. In Good Boy 2 Jimmy met Janine who is a very professional and famous porn actress with whom he has a good friendship and he will ask her to help him make the film a success, additionally he will have to solve many problems helping his sexy grandmother to obtain a good porn production.


Sexy Winter Wonderland

Explore this small ski resort and help it's inhabitants to get some steamy action!


Solitude 0.2b UPDATE

v0.2a - New location (Elizabeth's Bathroom) with additional content - New Scenes (HJ / Sex / Anal)- New options when choosing obedience responses (+New mechanics) - Homework Event. - Another event where you can get new content at the beginning of the game - New Emotions - New Reactions. For example, the game now tracks actions you do for the first time. - New Blush Effect. It works automatically. - She can blink now - New options for the cum menu (Mouth, face, etc) - Stamina Points are now displayed at the top - New Jerk-off mechanics - New bonus codes - The balance of received points. All answers are now weighted - New way to earn money - Quick guide section - Language selection menu appears when starting the game. Some improvements to the translation, but this is unlikely to change the overall situation - And other mechanics written deep in the code. By the way, the game already has about 12-13K lines of code, which is pretty good, because it's not a visual novel with a ton of text.


Loi The Lover

Walk the roads full of danger, acquiring equipment to get further and further and discovering strange new enemies looking for fun. support this project and others in patreon: The Protagonist. Loi: An insatiable warrior who is only called upon when there is a conflict between the Ladies. She is a warrior who ventures into a forest in search of provisions and ends up facing a series of challenges as she needs to find new paths and unusual enemies. The Enemies Varieties of enemies in different regions. Face the wild beasts exploring the Forest of Abundance; Avoid being devoured by the Slimy Swamp cannibals; Don't be charmed by the sirens of the storm coast; And of course, be careful when facing the Ladies. as beautiful as powerful. The Equipments To help with the journey, Loi will be able to count on gold acquired by defeating enemies and equipment that can be dropped from dead monsters or acquired before starting a run. Equipping specific equipment provides passive buffs that will make a difference in your gameplay.


Spank and fuck Nezuko

Spank and fuck Nezuko while you recive great messajes from she, you can modify the velocity, spank force and light intensity in the options. i am opened to create games for comision, leve a coment if you want an specific girl. (the art is not of my property, so all copyrights to the respective authors)


Gem Domination - Gloryhole Edition

The standalone version of our full game. Come and enjoy the gloryholes of Beach City, no strings attached.


Brand New Kink [0.1]

A girl receives a mysterious pop up ad - a spiral that rewrites her mind with brand new kinks... Follow her on this strange journey


Kristens Turn

In a world where women are chosen at random to be freeuse to everyone for a week, Kirsten has been selected. How will her life change? How will she handle her new reality?


Nude Beach (Demo Version)

In this new version of the game, Jimmy's stepmother (Caroline) due to stress at her job, went on vacation to the beach, as she did not want to go alone since her husband would be working, she invited Jimmy and Deborah to accompany her. In this story there are new girls to fuck and also a new futanari character that I'm sure you'll love.



THE GAME IS NOW CLOSE TO 200MB SO PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE LOADING Thank you so much for all of the support its really helped me get this done PATREON FOR EARLY ACCESS AND VOTING POWER + ALOT MORE **Transferring Save Data to New Update At Bottom** Discord Free Version Download - Please Download This For A Better Experience IF IT DOESN'T WORK PLEASE DON'T USE INCOGNITO OR VPN AS THAT SLOWS DOWN THE LOAD TIME. ALSO IT WILL LOAD JUST GIVE IT TIME Update Notes Upgrade System added Upgrade Desk 3 Upgrades to OG Desk + 2 New desks Upgrades give benefits and are part of Quest lines Ability to Access all scenes from your phone in the reception Ability to switch between characters in the same scene Save what your desk looks like Added House score(It doesn’t do anything yet but will be a future update) Ability to change what your desk looks like while keeping its level (Changing what it looks like will effect your house score though) Desk will be changed in Scene 2 to whatever is equipped New Scenes Raven Scene 6 HandJob Office (BRAND NEW SCENE)** (Slightly Laggy) Zelda Scene 4 Doggy Jinx Scene 2 On Desk Scene 1 ReDone Velma (In Beta 12FPS Test might switch to 24FPS if people want) New Quests Zelda Quest 4 New Sounds Scene 1 Samus Zelda Velma Samsung Sam Raven Kim Possible Scene 2 Jinx Scene 3 Samus Scene 4 Zelda Scene 5 To Be Added New Clothes Samus Scene 2 Trousers (2 Versions) Scene 2 Top Kim Possible Green Shirt Cheer Leader Outfit (Skirt & Top) Samsung Sam Jeans Pulled Up Legs Kim Possible Scene 2 Head ReDrawn Samus Scene 3 Head ReDrawn New Font & UI Peep Hole Select and All Scenes Select More Force Added to Desk Scene 2 QOL Save Scene You Are In Loading Screen Between Every Scene Now Credits Added (Slightly Glitchy On First Load It Won’t Scroll) Bug Fixes Kim Possible Squirt Animation Scene 2 Fix Raven Dialogue While Unlocking Squirt Animation Peep Hole (Re Do Animation Look Next Patch) Peep Hole Stuck In Loop Raven Peep Hole won’t Load Scene 2 Harley’s Hair Glitching Characters Button Spelling Scene 2 Anal Creampie Does Vag Creampie If Done Multiple Times Kim Possible Scene 2 Back Button Not Working (Still Need To Fix For Android) Other small things Tutorial Step 1. Open up the house by finding the Key and the Door Knob they should be lying around somewhere after you flip the sign Step 2. On the desk there is a sheet of paper that will allow you to access the first four girls that are already there Step 3. For one of those girls let the Cum Bar on the Left fill up (This can be sped up by switching between Anal and Vag every so often) Step 4. You will now have received your phone. Each app has a different purpose. The main apps being the Quests (Bottom Right and will tell you how to unlock the other girls and Scenes) and the Locality/Call app (Right Middle, will allow you to call the girls you want and shows loyalty) Step 4.5. To fuck any girl you need to press the Loy button on the phone which is the middle right one and then you will have the option to call any of the girls you want Step 5. When you want to fuck a girl on the Desk you will need to make it Day time as this is when Gloria goes home and the Reception is free (During the night you can fuck Gloria on the Desk) Step 6. If you want to call gloria use the Bell On the Desk


Ninja Way

Our protagonist has an accident and appears in a world completely unknown to him. This is my first game and first version, new girls and story coming soon


Mistress Mimi: Jerk Off Instructions

Mistress Mimi: Jerk Off Instructions Mistress Mimi is finally here to assist you with beating your meat! Obey her orders and let her control how you touch yourself! Be warned! She loves to play with her slaves! Fetishes Included: Femdom CBT Feet Humiliation JOI Any support is welcome as it helps me improve my future content <3 Bonus: Downloadable version on Patreon!


Zoctongo:AmberBB v0.6

Satisfy the woman! H - full screen


Private Dick: Lipstick Lies

Private Dick is an erotic, noir-styled visual novel, riffing off Max Payne, Sin City and classic film noir while still delivering a style all of its own. Fuck femme fatales, discover a mysterious story, live the life of a private detective. Private Investigator Sam Steele is in a rut. His clients have dried up, his useless secretary is (still) waiting to be paid, and his ex-girlfriend has broken the sanctity of his favourite bar. It's almost a relief when a case walks through the door. Almost. A missing dog, an unrequited debt and a suspicious kidnapping all come to, aha, a head in a dingy motel out of town. Private Dick marries a captivating mystery with heady, whiskey-fuelled atmosphere and lashings of joyful depravity.


Unexpected Journey v0.1

Our main character, who is bored with his farm life with his mother and does not want to live his future in this way, thinks that he will live as he imagined his future with a letter from his father. But he is unaware that he will embark on an unexpected journey beyond what he imagined.


Free Cities: Origins

Free Cities: Origins (FCO) is an HTML game developed using SugarCube 2 based on the famous Free Cities HTML game by FCAuthor. While FreeCities was a management-centric game, we wanted to give an RPG spin on it. In FCO you are thrown into the world years after the fall of modern civilization. The Gregorian calendar while still in use, has reset its year sometime in the past. You start as an unfortunate soul who is enslaved by slave owner Shintani Hiroyuki, who, unbeknownst to him, is obsessed with his Japanese heritage and seeks to rebuild the civilizations for the myths of old. The game takes the player on a journey from slavehood to eventually the main character in a power struggle between settlements and the last centralized power, the Trade Union. From here, the player can align themselves with a particular faction, effecting the entire game world. The world itself is dynamic and constantly changing, many of these changes are completely unknown to the player until they receive higher status and thus intel. The world also features a dynamic economy that operates on Supply-and-Demand, and simulated Brownian motion.