Kingpin (V0.01)

You play as the main character that was sent to prison and found a way to break free. Now you have to reestablish relationships and build new ones in order to build your empire. You can do it legitimately or illegally the option is your to make. You can build a harem along the way. The goal is to build your empire, while avoiding getting sent back to prison.


My life in another world full of horny monster girls

The visual novel about 30 years virgin man who died and got into another world full of horny monster girls. Itch: Patreon:


Nemurimouto v0.03

New version here:


Naruto and the Change Jutsu

The game 'Naruto and the Change Jutsu' is an exciting adventure that immerses players in the world of Naruto. Players will follow Naruto on a mission to unravel a mysterious transformation jutsu that affects some of its inhabitants. Players must use their cunning and ninja skills to solve the riddle and restore peace while fucking the women of the Shinobi world.


EP Backrooms v3.0

You are a young guy who decided to try a new trial program "Enhards Project: Backrooms" (or just EP:Backrooms). As the slogan said - "Life is Better when You are Better". So maybe you can become a better person... or at least earn some cash :) Game is 100% original, all the materials are made by me :love:​Thread Updated: 2023-08-28 Release Date: 2023-07-19 Aliases: Enhards Project: Backrooms, SIFA Games Developer: SIFAGames Patreon - Discord: Censored: Partial Version: 2.05a (Patreon Sigma Version) OS: Windows, Linux, Mac Language: English Prequel: Enhards Project


ViNovella University

ViNovella University is an exciting and immersive adult visual novel set in a university where three girls mysteriously went missing. Set before the events of the popular game Fetish Locator, this narrative-driven experience allows players to shape their own journey by engaging in a wide range of conversations with a diverse cast of characters, including the most beautiful and unique girls in the city. With each decision you make, the story evolves, presenting you with a multitude of paths to explore. Your choices can have far-reaching consequences, determining the outcome of significant events and forging new adventures based on your every single choice. Immerse yourself in this captivating world where your decisions hold the key to unlocking various storylines and character interactions, ensuring a truly unique and personalized gaming experience. As a talented young detective, you enrolled as a freshman at the renowned ViNovella University! Beneath its polished facade, a shadowy undercurrent of secrets, scandals, and mysteries lurks, shaping the lives of its faculty and student body. As you delve deeper into this new university life, you must balance academic pursuits and your mission to figure out what happened to those girls. As the lead detective on the case, you're in charge. You decide who will you investigate, engage in conversations, and figure out how to proceed with your case. Secret societies, cults, and many bizarre individuals inhabit this town. Decide when it's best to use your deduction skills and when to use charisma and seduction to achieve your goals with specific characters. Just remember, your actions carry consequences. As you explore the vibrant campus grounds, you will encounter a diverse cast of intriguing characters and tons of hot girls. These girls have distinct backstories, complex personalities, and engaging storylines. This is college, so expect a lot of college parties, drama, competitions, and absurd amounts of kinky sex scenes. Who knows, maybe you'll even find true love in this place full of intrigue and mystery. ViNovella Univeristy brings new levels of the tasty sexual content that any young detective carves for in adult visual novels! Enjoy more spicy animations than ever, filled with more descriptions and foreplay, giving you more realism and organic relationships. Be careful, as you enjoy the pleasure of your new life, you may forget about your mission because with girls like these all around you, who wants to work?


Flight Attendant HoneySun

Welcome to HoneySun: A Farming Love Adventure! We want to let you know that this is just the second version, an early-alpha, and due to browser constraints, the web version comes with a few limitations. No worries, though! You can visit our PATREON page, where the latest version awaits with all the amazing features, including a HACK-MODE to Instant access to all game content! Feedback is essential to help us shape the game and deliver the highest quality. And you, yes, YOU are the key! We need your feedback, your thoughts, your ideas. Tell us your favorite parts, the not-so-favorite parts, and anything you think is missing. Your input is what'll make HoneySun shine like a supernova! New on Patreon: PC, MAC and MOBILE version of the game. PATREON | STEAM (


Space Dick (name_change)

Space Dick Thrust key "Num 4" was changed to "K" A and D - rotate K - accelerate L - cheat


The Avengers want revenge

Enter the epic Marvel universe and discover a world where time and reality are malleable! In "The Avengers seek revenge", players embark on an exciting adventure where they will take the role of Spiderman and try to help the Marvel heroines defeat Thanos.


EP Backrooms v2.05a Patreon Sigma

You are a young guy who decided to try a new trial program "Enhards Project: Backrooms" (or just EP:Backrooms). As the slogan said - "Life is Better when You are Better". So maybe you can become a better person... or at least earn some cash :) Game is 100% original, all the materials are made by me :love:​ Thread Updated: 2023-08-28 Release Date: 2023-07-19 Aliases: Enhards Project: Backrooms, SIFA Games Developer: SIFAGames Patreon - Discord: Censored: Partial Version: 2.05a (Patreon Sigma Version) OS: Windows, Linux, Mac Language: English Prequel: Enhards Project Installation: 1. Extract .zip archive 2. Open the folder named EP Backrooms 3. Run .html file


White Heat: Chapter 4

Nick Danson is involved in a devastating spaceship crash, but afterwards he can't remember anything about his previous life. When he's reunited with the gorgeous woman who says she's his wife, Nick experiences an odd mix of excitement and trepidation. A visual novel retelling of a scifi novella. Chapter 4 contains the first full h-scene in the game.


Her Gentle Hands on You

The protagonist of this game, without saying anything to his beautiful girlfriend, is invited by a close friend of his to help her in the study of massage... :) A situation we have all dreamed of! You play the protagonist and, thanks to the many choices you can make during the game, decide in what direction the story can evolve, and the relationship you will develop with the female protagonists of the game. Names and types of relationships between the several characters are customizable, for complete immersion in the choices and the story!


Esports Lust

Step into the world of Esports Lust, where ambition, challenges, and passion collide! Join as yourself on an exhilarating journey to become the ultimate gaming champion. Aspiring to reach the pinnacle of Esports fame, he encounters unexpected hurdles, from complex relationships with his sister and friends to the relentless pursuit of greatness. Explore the gripping narrative of self-discovery, rivalries, and triumphs as you guide him through intense competitions and heart-pounding adventures. Unravel the compelling storyline, make pivotal choices, and shape the destiny of this determined gamer.​


Project LU-5T [0.2]

A simple story where the MC discovers a plot against him and his family by an unknown organization and the journey he takes to protect those he loves.


21st Century

Upon graduation, you move out of your parents' house and into an apartment. However, with the dwindling inheritance from your grandparents, you soon realized that you can't afford the rent on your own. Consequently, you decide to search for a suitable roommate and end up finding a struggling Twitch streamer who had an innovative idea to increase her earnings.​


Helen Quest [VER1.2.1]

Helen is an agent for the king. She work with the king's wolves (it’s a special group of people) that solves issues in the kingdom. She is fresh from training and that’s her first mission alone! She is sent to Slege (a key village near the border) to investigate some strange happenings and she will find an infinite adventure if you know what I mean... cof cof.....NSFW.... cof cof. I won’t tell you more, you have to play the game to see all. For now, you can only play a little and finally see the main antagonist! We have a lot of work in mind! Now, the story is only at the beginning, the game structure is simple but I think the art part is very good!! version 1.2.1 (avaiable now!) This update include: - 2 new major maps to explore - 1 main NSFW scene - 2 sides NSFW scenes (shower and game over) - updated lives system (I deleted the old 3 lives, I'm working to implement more stuff here) - minor bugs fixed Known bug: -maybe can be some issues with the light/dark changings in the game, please report any bug! -some loadings are a bit longer in the browser.... I'm trying to trobleshooting it but for now I think it's only my chrome version.... For the next work, there'll be a complete restyle of the characters step by step. For now I'm in line waiting for my commission to be done. For now I think we had completed about 15% of the game... The new version is also downloadable for Win, MAC and on brower on the itch page. What we want? comments opinions suggestions Basically... your feedback! You can contact us on Itch or on Patreon or again on theF95 tread


The SUP v0.1

Your name is Noah, you were studying abroad, but right before graduating, decided that transferring to another university to pursue business is the correct choice. The SUP or The Swedish University Of Progressive Learning is the prestigious establishment you enrolled in. It promises to not only teach you about business, but also expand your sexual knowledge. Embark on this mysterious journey, find out what The SUP has in store for you and experience Noah's story! Patreon : Discord: Twitter:


Gardener 0.9

You're a gardener in a mysterious house which contains a lot of secrets. A hot MILF is hot and sultry, but does she have any secrets?


Herrscherin of Hell: Puppeteers Gambit

After returning from the human world, the demoness decides to amuse herself by stiring up some chaos in her native realm, Hell, going as far as challenging one of the fellow Herrscherins. Will she succeed in her conquest, or will she fall victim to her own schemes? To find out the answer, you can read the new novel in this series of Dirty Fantasies by Fallen Pie.


Rogue Femme

This is a Roguelike Card Game in early development! It contains Adult Content like nudity. I'm a solo game developer trying to make juicy games you can enjoy. If you want to support me and have early access to future releases, check out my Patreon: or Subscribestar: The newest Version is currently live there!


Family Chronicles - Secret Facility

Your father got into some accident and you also lost your home. now you have to move with your stepmom and stepsister. When you moved to your step-family house you got to do what they tells you to do. This similar behaviour made your father leave them. But now you don't have any choice but to do what they tell you. Your step-mom is a dominatrix and teaching your step-sister how to be a princess/goddess. Use the main website to know more about this game and any future updates. Website: Release date: Family Chronicles - Secret Facility-v0.0.1 on 15-08-23


Girl by accident

Girl by Accident is an upcoming Life Simulation game that includes transformative elements. the first chapter is now playable! The central point is around the Male to Female transformation of the protagonist, encompassing intricate details and nice gameplay mechanics.



Freddia is a game that you make a sex in freddia


Dirty Fantasies: Beach Episode

After a particularly stressful year in college, Mei traveled to a well-known tourist resort in an attempt to relax and unwind. It didn't take long for her captivating beauty to attract the attention of male admirers. However, could she still consider it unwanted, or was there a part of her that secretly welcomed the attention?.. To find out the answer, read the new lil ai novel in a series of Dirty Fantasies by Fallen Pie.


My Grandma Is Witch

Computer guy fall into the hands of a hot witch Luise who has some wild night planned...


Return Project

Ever wanted to travel through time and experience historical events first hand, as they happened? Well, you cant, that's impossible. But what you can do, is play Return Project. Starting in a dystopian future (to plot-armour the science), you'll adventure through various turning points in human history, encountering some famous names along the way. Will you use your future knowledge for good and assist the denizens of the past? Or will you become a god, rightfully forcing all mortals to kneel before your very existence? Or will you swat a mosquito, causing a butterfly effect that echoes through the ages and catastrophically alters the present-day world? Or will you- you get the point. Return Project is a light-hearted adult 18+ visual novel that imagines the possibility of time travel.


The Simpsons Hentai Porno

The Simpsons Hentai Porno


Goblin Quest

Goblin Quest is an immersive fantasy sandbox with a nonlinear storyline. From playing the hero who saves the lands to the villain who destroys it, the world will adapt and respond to your actions. You decide your fate.


Girl Four Web

a player entered the websites of artificial intelligence prostitutes. then a character called VEGA punished player to undo her pleasure until her death



.sexe is an adult "real-porn" HTML video game heavily inspired by Hypnospace Outlaw and Hacknet. Playing as a hacker living in Seattle, you accidentally find a mysterious rootkit named INCUBUS. However, despite your newfound fortune, the invasion of privacy has consequences. Pick up hacking jobs and maneuver your way through the city of Seattle meeting several shady characters, girls, and people who aren't who they really seem. Difficult decisions will be made, people will be hurt, but always remember: you're the good person... right? CURRENT FEATURES Several hacking jobs that expand upon the world! Several characters to seduce and interact with! Explore a nightclub in a free-roam event! And of course: several "naughty" scenes for everyone to enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed the game and want to support it's development, consider pledging to my Patreon. You can suggest new content, see how things are going, and even be a part of the game!


Dirty Fantasies: Just another date

After arriving in a new city, Caitlin, a stunning woman in her late 20s, decides to explore the local dating scene. Following the advice of her friends, she joins a dating site and after spending some time scrolling through numerous profiles, she finally comes across someone, who stands out from the crowd. Intrigued, she wonders if this could be the start of something exciting... Will their date go well? To find out the answer, read the new story in a series of Dirty Fantasies experimetal ai art novels by Fallen Pie.


Bocchi The Fakku Ex

Take clothes off of Bocchi and have some fun with her


Ero Massage 0.1

In the game, you play as a masseur who inherits a spa salon from a distant relative. However, you discover that the salon has a huge debt that needs to be paid off within a yea. The only way to pay off the debt is to develop the salon by offering clients various procedures and providing extra services for larger tips. During the game, you will improve your salon by adding new procedures and upgrading equipment. You will also be able to hire new employees to help you manage the business.


Dirty Fantasy: Sweet Dream

After indulging in a romantic story, who hasn't yearned to live it through the protagonist's eyes? Alice shared the same desire, and somehow, her longing became a vivid dream—a chance to experience a tale of love and adventure firsthand...


From Ashes to Ambitions v0.0.8

Hello everyone!! Our visual novel has been updated!! In the next update, we will be introducing the new Smartphone system along with exciting new scenes. If you can, consider supporting us on Patreon or directly through our website, (you can also play the browser version of the gamet there.)


BlackJack - PornStars [1.00]

In this fun game, you will face an incredible cast of female characters, each with their unique style. The cards are on the table, but be careful, these girls are not just pretty faces; they have extraordinary gaming skills that will challenge your abilities and keep you on edge!


Wyldspace []

Story Wyldspace is a fantasy adult visual novel where you play as a veteran who is participating in a novel RPG. Struggle as the benevolent hero or conspire as the monster in the night. Meet sexy girls to either romance or twist into depravity. Dive into an immersive role play with mystery, intrigue, epic battles, and steamy encounters! Characters Meet love interests, each a full individual with their own aspirations and fears. Fight or cooperate with the NPC, who are eager to explore sexuality and expand boundaries. Explore the struggles of a former soldier, returning from a war.


Masters Help [v1.0]

Here's our new novel in Dirty Fantasies series! MASTER'S HELP Sometimes studying high-ranked magic spells can be quite challenging and can lead to a lot of frustration, which Evelyn knows from her own experience. Luckily, she has someone she can summon for help, both with the studying and the accumulated frustration...


Gamers Dream [v0.1] [Marlis Studio]

What is the dream of every fan


Monster Girl Farmer

Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based RPG. The kind of game that lets you ride a unicorn girl — and vice-versa. Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges into your home. In exchange for taking her in, she'll help you start the world's first Monster Girl farm!


Dirty Fantasies: Primal Instinct

One-hot story in which a cute girl suddenly meets a primal, brutal man, sparking a raw and intense attraction. Primal Instinct takes you on a thrilling ride, exploring the complexities and simplicity of primal instincts.


Good Boy 19 (The Sexy Aunt)

In this story there is a new character who is visiting, her name is Ginger who is Caroline's younger sister and Deborah's daughter. Ginger was married to a millionaire, but when she found out that her husband did bad business and lost all his money, she decided to divorce him and leave him. When she arrives at her sister Caroline's house, she will meet Jimmy, whom she tries to seduce while the rest of the girls become jealous in the presence of this sexy woman. I'm sure you'll like this story.


Stuck in Sutton v0.3

Stuck in Sutton is an erotic text sandbox where you play as a young woman stuck in a small country town called Sutton. You must find a way to make it to your sister's wedding in a week, whether that's by working, stealing, drug dealing, stripping, prostitution, or romance.


Dirty Fantasies: The Good Deed

Dirty Fantasies: The Good Deed - this story will immerse you in the ordinary everyday days of a young girl. One day she decided to finish work early and go for a walk. On it, she saw a dog in a collar, but did not find the owner nearby. She decided to help find him. The owner was found quickly and as a reward for a good deed, invited the girl to dinner. How will their date end? Find out for yourself in the new novel in a series of Dirty Fantasies by Fallen Pie.​


Gamers Dream Motion Comic [v 0.1] [Marlis Studio]

What is the dream of every fan ? Meet in reality with the one you love and see in your dreams. Our heroine is a fan of comics. And it seems her wishes were heard .. After college , when she came home , she decided to play and relax. But the incredible happened: the one she dreamed of came to her room ️... Do you want to see how their meeting will end?


Dirty Fantasies: Herrscherin Of Hell

Herrscherin of Hell began to get bored due to the lack of guests. Her collection of toys has not been replenished for a long time. And so everything would have continued, if not for the sudden call of sexual demoness. Who summoned her? And how will all this turn out for her? Find out in the new novel in a series of Dirty Fantasies by Fallen Pie.


Delicious Business

You inherit your family's restaurant and now you need to manage a crew full of cute girls in order to preserve your family's legacy from competing restaurants that want to put you out of business. Work the girls to make money which will allow you to gift them and once their feelings have developed, initiate boss and employee sex!


[FR only] Crevettz : Le voyage dune aventurière

Suivez Fiora, une jeune aventurière fraîchement débarquée dans un continent récemment découvert, et aidez la à se frayer un chemin dans la grande guilde des aventuriers. Points fort : - Maps travaillées et condensées, pas de walking simulator - Pas de combat, mais tout de même un gameplay (principalement textuel) - Plusieurs tenues qui ont un impact sur les scenes - Plus de 130 CG unique, 400 avec les variations - Aucun Grind à l'horizon - 4 à 6 heures de jeu suivant votre style


DF Dollhouse v1.0

Fully animated sex simulation with 3 dolls to play with.