Succubus Contract II

Succubus Contract II is a sequel to the game of the same name. Here you continue the MC storyline from the first part. Gameplay You still play as the MC, who has fallen under the influence of a succubus and turned into a girl, but this time, the succubus has made it clear that the games are over and she is waiting for the MC to fulfill his part of the contract. This game differs from the previous one in that now, the protagonist, can have female genitalia in conjunction with a female body (optional, except for the necessary moments in the story narrative). In addition, this part will be more "cheeky", with more action and sex scenes, while in the first part the MC had the opportunity to keep her innocence. Unlike the previous part, this game is done in FullHD quality (1980x1080) with more detail, use of new generation textures and improved design, updated some locations, more use of physics in simulation and much more.


Gamers Dream [v0.1] [Marlis Studio]

What is the dream of every fan


Beef in the City

The story puts you in the shoes of a rich city boy who has come to a small town hoping to move in with his girlfriend. But when fate decides otherwise, the protagonist finds himself embroiled in gang warfare and even becomes part of the criminal underworld himself.​


Monster Girl Farmer

Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based RPG. The kind of game that lets you ride a unicorn girl — and vice-versa. Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges into your home. In exchange for taking her in, she'll help you start the world's first Monster Girl farm!


From Ashes to Ambitions v 0.0.3

The very first stage of our Visual novel is ready! It's just a scratch release, but receiving your feedback is crucial for improving it in the future.


Wall Street Giga Chad [v 0.01 Alpha]

Are you ready to climb the corporate ladder, bang hoors, and dominate the financial world? The road to success is paved with ruthless competition, scandalous affairs, and dangerous enemies...​


Dirty Fantasies: Primal Instinct

One-hot story in which a cute girl suddenly meets a primal, brutal man, sparking a raw and intense attraction. Primal Instinct takes you on a thrilling ride, exploring the complexities and simplicity of primal instincts.


Good Boy 19 (The Sexy Aunt)

In this story there is a new character who is visiting, her name is Ginger who is Caroline's younger sister and Deborah's daughter. Ginger was married to a millionaire, but when she found out that her husband did bad business and lost all his money, she decided to divorce him and leave him. When she arrives at her sister Caroline's house, she will meet Jimmy, whom she tries to seduce while the rest of the girls become jealous in the presence of this sexy woman. I'm sure you'll like this story.


New Life Project

Play New Life Project and discover a world of mystery as you try to figure out what happened and why you can't remember anything from before...


A Tale Of Love Lust And Murder

In this tale of love lust and Murder you play an Ex-CIA agent who lost his best friend during a mission and after 6 months your past comes back to haunt you. In your quest to save yours and your best friend's family and your country you will face several choices, to either destroy everything which wishes harm upon them or restore their faith and save everyone. Would you be able to save everyone or lose it all, choice is yours...


Stuck in Sutton v0.3

Stuck in Sutton is an erotic text sandbox where you play as a young woman stuck in a small country town called Sutton. You must find a way to make it to your sister's wedding in a week, whether that's by working, stealing, drug dealing, stripping, prostitution, or romance.


Dirty Fantasies: The Good Deed

Dirty Fantasies: The Good Deed - this story will immerse you in the ordinary everyday days of a young girl. One day she decided to finish work early and go for a walk. On it, she saw a dog in a collar, but did not find the owner nearby. She decided to help find him. The owner was found quickly and as a reward for a good deed, invited the girl to dinner. How will their date end? Find out for yourself in the new novel in a series of Dirty Fantasies by Fallen Pie.​


Gamers Dream Motion Comic [v 0.1] [Marlis Studio]

What is the dream of every fan ? Meet in reality with the one you love and see in your dreams. Our heroine is a fan of comics. And it seems her wishes were heard .. After college , when she came home , she decided to play and relax. But the incredible happened: the one she dreamed of came to her room ️... Do you want to see how their meeting will end?


Dirty Fantasies: Herrscherin Of Hell

Herrscherin of Hell began to get bored due to the lack of guests. Her collection of toys has not been replenished for a long time. And so everything would have continued, if not for the sudden call of sexual demoness. Who summoned her? And how will all this turn out for her? Find out in the new novel in a series of Dirty Fantasies by Fallen Pie.


Delicious Business

You inherit your family's restaurant and now you need to manage a crew full of cute girls in order to preserve your family's legacy from competing restaurants that want to put you out of business. Work the girls to make money which will allow you to gift them and once their feelings have developed, initiate boss and employee sex!


White Heat: Chapters 1 - 3

Spacecraft pilot Nick Danson is involved in a devastating crash, and in the aftermath, he can't remember anything about his previous life. When he's reunited with the gorgeous woman who says she's his wife, Nick experiences an odd mix of excitement and trepidation. A visual novel retelling of a scifi novella. This second demo contains the prologue and chapters 1 - 3.


[FR only] Crevettz : Le voyage dune aventurière

Suivez Fiora, une jeune aventurière fraîchement débarquée dans un continent récemment découvert, et aidez la à se frayer un chemin dans la grande guilde des aventuriers. Points fort : - Maps travaillées et condensées, pas de walking simulator - Pas de combat, mais tout de même un gameplay (principalement textuel) - Plusieurs tenues qui ont un impact sur les scenes - Plus de 130 CG unique, 400 avec les variations - Aucun Grind à l'horizon - 4 à 6 heures de jeu suivant votre style


DF Dollhouse v1.0

Fully animated sex simulation with 3 dolls to play with.


Archangel girl v0.1 preview

You have been sent to the earth to spread the glory to those horny sinners. Woefully, we dropped you in the evil's dungeon, filled with these unholy creatures. Don't let the pagan world consume you and return to us immediately !


The Tale of Two Girls

There two girls, both over 18 and out in the big bad world. One girl is a wild whore who is willing to give some head to get ahead. The other is a sweet virgin college graduate who has just graduated with a useless degree. Play as either girl and see what erotic adventures await both of them. NOTE: This version of the game only has Holly's story, Molly's story will be posted in the next major official release of the game.


Special Family [0.0.3]

Special Family is a erotic game with lot of visual content, where you try to touch and have sex with your family members without waking them up. This game contains incest and non-consensual sex. This is my first game and I appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Please let me know if you find any bugs. I did my best to play test it, but I am only one person and things can slip through the cracks. Thank you for checking out my game, and I hope you enjoy it! The game works directly in browser, you can play the game by clicking "Run game" button. You don't need to download anything. Note: This is only a prototype of what is in my mind. Currently only few options have the video but I will add more content to it soon. Will also work on the other characters. Also there will be a day cycle in the game later on where you will be able to do things where the characters aren't sleeping.


Valentina Sunshine

It has been raining for two months in the city of Santo Amaro. After some storms, several buildings were destroyed, among them, the houses of some of the sororities that exist in the sorority row. In spite of everything, the sun still shines for Valentina, who wants, more than chocolates and kisses, to join a Sisterhood. She also wants to have a lot of fun and experience new things and sensations during her journey as a potential new member of a sorority.


Harem Town

You are a young man who just moved with your aunt and cousin for the school year and discovered new powers that allows you to mind control the people around you. This game is incomplete and served me as practice for another game of mine. I don't plan to update it as the story, sex scene and grammar are faulty and it should be used for fap fap content solely. If you do like the game and want to see more of it but with a better optimization. I will then gladly update it.



It was an ordinary day at the art studio. It was an extraordinary day in the life of two creative women. Lana Loads was standing before an easel and in front of her was Eva Lovia as a model. Time seemed to stop for both of them as the artist moved her paintbrush in delicate strokes across the canvas. Like being in a parallel universe, the model could feel incredibly soft touches that progressed toward her nipples as if the artist's brush was touching her breast. One stroke led to another, and the painting began to come to life. Without delay, Lana and Eva immersed themselves in the world of sensual pleasures, where a painting was leading them. Enjoying each other, they did not notice the appearance of a visitor. A mysterious stranger was carefully watching them without making her presence known...


White Heat: Chapters 1 2

Nick Danson is involved in a devastating spaceship crash, but afterwards he can't remember anything about his previous life. When he's reunited with the gorgeous woman who says she's his wife, Nick experiences an odd mix of excitement and trepidation. A visual novel retelling of a scifi novella. This initial demo contains the prologue and chapters 1 & 2. Future chapters will contain more explicit content.


Biker and Her Girl: Motion Comic

How to seduce a beauty? Show her your big iron horse! After a trip through the city at night on a motorcycle, the biker girl decided to receive an award. Yes, her dear, girlfriend was not against a closer acquaintance with the brutal girl.


Unraveling Angel: Cowards Paradise

During the last semester of his senior year, the protagonist receives an email chastising him for his poor attendance. In order to rectify this he has to participate in an after school event called the "Coward's Committee". On arriving he found it dead. No one else bothered to show up. Regardless, this surprise burden forces him to split his free time between his cute girlfriend Margo and Mr. Vice, the committee's supervisor. With this man's arrival comes the recovery of something that was better left buried, as old and new faces alike make themselves known in a world that can't compete with them.


Curiocity WIP v0.0.2

Work in progress of a life sim game. There's just the interface and some mecanics. v0.0.2 Changes - Trust and Desire system for every character, you can see the LoveLVL with icons in the game menu. - Added some story for the lovelvl 0 of every character in everyroom. - There is now a visual hint on which room is occupied by a character. - Some internal changes in the code to faster programming.



She encountered him in a dimly-lit underground. He was an enigmatic and unquenchable ancient being with an eternal thirst. This demonstration showcases a portion of the level within the Mind Flayer realm. Regrettably, it's impossible to fit the entire construction into a web browser, but I'm eager to share one of the most thrilling scenes with you. 42MB to load.


Guessing Games

This is a collection of some mini games where you have to guess the answer. The collection includes the following games: Trans or Cis, Who gets fucked (Transgirl or Guy), Boobs or Butt. It's really simple but it can be fun to achieve a high score. More pictures and game modes might follow eventually.


Toy For Clowns: Motion Comic

Deciding to rest, Marli went to her room. But then saw one of the Joker's minions. He left her room, hiding something under his jacket. "What the fuck?" - she thought - "How dare he come into my room. And what did he take?"​


Sugar MOM 2

Mrs. Moore is bored waiting for her husband to come home after work. To the delight of the milf, our nerdy boy Scotty is ready again to provide her with assistance in satisfying her even more lustful desires. And Scotty is already at her door. But it looks like he didn't come alone. Who is there with him?


Butterfly Bimbo Therapy (V0.6)

Butterfly Therapy is a short game where your goal is to corrupt a young shy woman Laura and turn her into a bimbo doll without her even noticing it! You will use psychology and cognitive biases to slowly shift her preferences and style. Apply your skills to the whole town to bimbofy them all!!


Library room (DEMO)

Discover secret doors in library room and satisfy your deepest desires!


Illusion of Being - Chapter 1 Demo

- Branching Story Paths That Matter - - Cinematic Presentation - - Theatrical Soundtrack - - Realistically Modeled Characters That Have Depth And Story Arcs - - Almost All Renders Will Be Unique, Extremely Few Repeating Renders - - No Reading Exposition While Staring At A Wall For 5 Minutes - - Story Based On Real Life Events - - Many Unlockable SFW and NSFW Renders - - Mini Games - - Timed Hidden Object Events To Find Extra Content And Unlockables - - Animated Cinematic Stylized H-Scenes - - Full Story Will Be 4 Chapters Long - Tell Us About The Game's Story The main character is a professor at a local community college. He has a wife that he has been with for eleven years, and a nine year old daughter. They have created the normal life that many strive for... nice car, nice house, good jobs.... However, the last year has brought some concern to light for our main character. His wife has become more distant, reserved, and indulgent. He contemplates that he is overthinking it all. When he brings the topic up to his wife, she calls him crazy and states how busy she has been with work. However things are not okay in this seemingly normal suburban home. Our main character discovers his wife's affair and that is where "Illusion of Being" really digs in. Our main character is forced to make choices he wishes he never had to. Will he succumb to the depression and possibly upset those who care for him? Will he embrace the single life and have more attention than he ever thought possible? Will he find true love within his new found freedom? As the player, the choices are yours to make... All the rewards as well as possible consequences, are yours to experience.... *We would like to say thank you for your interested in Illusion of Being. Your support means the world to us!* Best Regards, - The TEG Team


Package For Petra

Funny story about cute nerd Walter, that fell victim of a sexual plot. Walter is secretly in love with Kate, but Kate knows it and decided to take advantage of this. She asked him to deliver some package to her Aunt Petra, who made a little bet with her colleague. The thing is, that Petra wants to prove, she’s able to fuck anybody at work. So, as you might have guessed , the package is just an excuse to get a nerd for crazy woman.


Subdue Town

In This game, you can choose between four different characters playboy, gym rat, nerd, and simp. Each of these four characters has its own style of gameplay and its own story. Your goal is to complete tasks that the game gives you during the day. Just remember that in this game you can't go back when you make a decision so pick carefully. Good luck banging all the chicks.


The Devils Hand

Select from your deck of whores and watch as they perform your darkest desires. Fully animated and full sound for over 36 scenes!


Umichan Last Scoop

Umichan Last Scoop is a very short mini scene spin-off that is based on events from Umichan Two Scoops. In this scene, Maiko happens to find Chris (again) and asks if he is willing to buy her last scoop of ice cream. But Chris hopes he will be able to get something more from her since they are alone together. You can check out the game that this is based on, Umichan Two Scoops here: Umichan Two Scoops is a game where Maiko and Pattie in a bind, their boss asked them to sell ice cream for cash at the beach but the boys are more interested in their hot bodies than cold deserts. It's your choice of what to sell!


Indecent Wife Hana

Tatsuki is interested in sharing his wife with another man. As a favor to a friend, he let Yuma, a timid young guy about to start university, stay on his house. Since Yuma's arrival, his wife, Hana, started acting motherly towards Yuma, making our protagonist jealous but aroused at the same time. When Hana found out about her husband's fetish, she proposed sex training the inexperienced Yuma to make him a fine man. However, Tatsuki has to go on a long business trip so he can't be present. Nonetheless, he accepted it.


Make A Tiddy

Grab a tiddy! Stretch a tiddy! Slap a tiddy! MAKE A TIDDY!!


The Vixens Pole

Welcome to the Vixen's Pole. After receiving a letter from your estranged mother you journey to the Las Vegas strip to become the new owner of an up and coming club. Purchase various girls, watch them fuck and suck, earn cash and build the empire your mother envisaged. Lots more content to come soon so stay tuned!


A Whore New Ball Game

You own an electronics store with your wife, but competition from the bigger chain store nearby and the internet are hurting your business so much a visit from a customer has become a rarity. A visit from a rich customer ends up giving you the idea to make some money to pay off your debt: invite people over to have sex with your wife for money.


Zoctongo:AmberBB Part 1 and Part 2

You take the role of Dave, a guy living with his "......" in an ordinary town) With each part I change the game a little bit, adding new features to it, so play, comment and we'll make the game better!)


Zoctongo:AmberBB Strange robbery Final

You have an intruder in your house! Try to stop him!


Summer Weekend

Summer Weekend is a visual novel exclusively for adults! In this game you will be told the story of two hot lesbians who came to the beach to sunbathe. But instead they had sex... The game is filled with sex scenes, humor and romance. In this wonderful game you have to plunge into the story of two lesbians who arrived at the beach to sunbathe. Barbara and Mindy are two very good friends. They came to the beach to sunbathe. But Barbara had other thoughts on this matter... You will see what happened next in the game. Get real pleasure from a very simple gameplay and cool music.


Elven Ellona

How to play : or


lustful science v0.1

you play as a college dropout who works at a nonomedicine research facility, as a janitor, until one day a discovery promises to change the rest of your life.


Family One Deaf

«Family One Deaf» — это визуальная новелла, которая знакомит вас с историей глухого молодого человека. Проблемы возникают, когда он начинает мастурбировать кого-то из близких совсем по-другому. Что еще хуже, неожиданность делает эту грязную вещь еще более сложной!


DNG Token Party v0.1

DNG Token Party, is a small slot machine game. The game is played using the "a", "s" and "d" keys. A nice ambience gives the game a certain charm. Have fun and have a look at my bigger projects.