Hentai Beauties

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Description: Hentai Beauties is a relaxing puzzle game with Live2D animated girls. Enjoy sexy girls pictures, animations and relaxing music and complete the puzzles. And if you can't relax enough, use the auto-complete puzzle button. You can check the gallery to see all the images you unlocked playing. Get more content and suppurt us on PATREON!! GAMEPLAY: Swap puzzle pieces to complete levels and unlock more girls! Watch the fully animated picture after completing the puzzle and fiddle around with the girl with BOOBS PHYSICS! FEATURES: Sexy Girls Pictures & Relaxing Music 12 Beautiful Girls Animated minigame after completing a level where you can grab BOOBS! One-handed gampeplay (very important) Multiple levels for each beauty Able to play it with only one hand Full controller support Lots of achievements and cute icons Autocomplete puzzle button, in case you’re not here for the puzzles Gallery with zoom in functionality Did we mention that there’s BOOBS to play with? Get more content and suppurt us on PATREON!!
Version: Updated: 2024-02-20, Posted: 2023-10-16. Request for an Update!

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