Return Project

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Description: Ever wanted to travel through time and experience historical events first hand, as they happened? Well, you cant, that's impossible. But what you can do, is play Return Project. Starting in a dystopian future (to plot-armour the science), you'll adventure through various turning points in human history, encountering some famous names along the way. Will you use your future knowledge for good and assist the denizens of the past? Or will you become a god, rightfully forcing all mortals to kneel before your very existence? Or will you swat a mosquito, causing a butterfly effect that echoes through the ages and catastrophically alters the present-day world? Or will you- you get the point. Return Project is a light-hearted adult 18+ visual novel that imagines the possibility of time travel.
Version: Updated: 2024-07-19, Posted: 2023-07-16. Request for an Update!

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| Version: Request for an Update?

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