Paradise Inc

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Description: Everything you want, for just one little soul… Times were tough. Laid off from yet another job, your rent was long past due and your prospects looked dismal, so when you got an unexpected call from a company you’d never heard of, you jumped at the chance. Your interviewer wasn’t some old man in a suit, though: she was a purple-skinned demoness who promised you a life you could scarcely dream of, if you signed on the dotted line. How could you refuse? Now, given a new sexy form (male, female, or Futanari) you’re in command of Paradise, a massive luxury mall and hotel that appeared all but overnight. You must build new shops, maintain your energy levels, and find those whose inner desires run deep enough that they would be willing to trade their soul for a new life. With a secretary, a new body, and a wealth of possibilities, it’s time to report for your first day of work! Paradise Inc is an adult interactive novel written in Twine, playable from any major web browser or from your phone. The game focuses on mental and physical transformations as you meet characters, unravel their innermost desires, and gift them with the changed mind and body they've secretly wanted. Clocking in at over 600,000 words, Paradise Inc features six different transformable characters and 18 unique transformations ranging from futanari secretaries and sissies to vampires and cowgirls. Assemble the team you want and gift them with the forms you prefer... and then enjoy some intimate interactions with your new employees, either as a Dominant or a Submissive depending on your mood.
Updated: 2022-09-27, Posted: 2022-03-25

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