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Description: Download the game for a better image quality and experience. https://locotostudio.itch.io/purahs-lab Hurry! Purah is waiting for you!! Her lab is a mess and everybody is busy to help her to finish her experiment... A machine that can detect all your most sensible points of your body and make you explode in a pleasure that no human can give you. That's why Purah needs you to pass her the items to build the machine in the shortest time possible and without any mistakes or the energy used in the machine will be overloaded and horrible things could happen... How to Play: If you are in a PC, use your mouse to drag the scenery and the scroll mouse to zoom in and out. If you are in a Touchscreen device , drag the scenery with your finger and use the "pinch" gesture to zoom in and out. Search for the item that Purah is asking for, and click it. If Purah is asking for a kiss, kiss her by constantly clicking on her until the pink Kiss ring is full. Enjoy with the views and the rewards that Purah will give to you if you success. What's Next? The game could receive new updates with more levels and characters, that depends on the VIP members desires. About Us: https://locotostudio.itch.io/purahs-lab
Version: Updated: 2024-07-20, Posted: 2023-12-04. Request for an Update!

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