Shroomlandia 2

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Description: Embark on a quest with the busty witch Beatrix to stop the spread of the evil SexBot Corporation. Fight your way through hordes of converted robotic women that are craving sex. The corporation will stop at nothing to control the population of men by forcing sex upon them at all times with there mindless slaves. Game Features: -This is the html version of the game. -This is an Early Access game that is in current development. More worlds will be added with more features. Understand since it is an early access item the game could have bugs or issues. This is a demo version so not all levels are playable. -RPG style game play with 4 overworlds to play. The Forest Realm, Underworld, Chaos Realm and Cursed Realm -Battle SexBots, drones and evil forces that threaten the land. -Cast your magic on enemies and watch the sex craved bio robot women explode into pieces! -Find magic rings to unlock other unique magic attacks. -Full retro soundtrack and ambient sound to set the action mood. -Find potions and machine parts to construct sex machines that will pleasure Beatrix. -Collect books and view them in the library. -Unlock new erotic outfits that Beatrix can wear while battling evil forces. -Play full 3 worlds with more to come. -Allows full screen resolution or windowed game play.
Version: Updated: 2023-05-31, Posted: 2021-04-13. Request for an Update!

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