Enchained Monsters: Under Your Care [v0.1.1]

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Description: In Enchained Monsters, a virtual pet game, you are responsible for caring for and training your chosen monster girl. Attend to their needs and help them learn to pleasure you, unlocking new dialog and H-scenes as you progress in the game. You can also play a mini-game with your girl and get to know her over time. 0.1.1 Hotfix Changelog: -Downgraded from Godot 4 to Godot 3 for wider compatibility -Added a head-pat option (it doesn't do anything really it's just cute) -Updated fonts -Fixed minor graphical issues -Fruit game has more fruit -Fixed bug where some scenes would get stuck playing on any action/not play when they were supposed to v0.1 Release Notes/Features: -Ellie the Succubus is in the game! -Feed, bathe, play with, punish, reward, "train", and talk with your girl! -Fruit catching mini-game to earn money and make your pet happy -2 animated H-Scenes with speed controls Planned upcoming features: -A shop to buy different outfits and sex toys to unlock more H-scenes -More H-scenes (obviously) -More dialog to get to know your pet better -Additional girls to raise and look after - Next planned girls are a goblin and werewolf -More benefits/risks to the punish and reward system -More options on how to punish/reward your pet -More animations This is still a pretty early demo, so feedback and suggestions for features and scenes are welcome!
Version: Updated: 2024-07-19, Posted: 2024-01-16. Request for an Update!

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