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Description: Special Family is a erotic game with lot of visual content, where you try to touch and have sex with your family members without waking them up. This game contains incest and non-consensual sex. This is my first game and I appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Please let me know if you find any bugs. I did my best to play test it, but I am only one person and things can slip through the cracks. Thank you for checking out my game, and I hope you enjoy it! The game works directly in browser, you can play the game by clicking "Run game" button. You don't need to download anything. Note: This is only a prototype of what is in my mind. Currently only few options have the video but I will add more content to it soon. Will also work on the other characters. Also there will be a day cycle in the game later on where you will be able to do things where the characters aren't sleeping.
Version: Updated: 2024-06-13, Posted: 2023-04-12. Request for an Update!

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